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The Ghost and The Fallen

Illusionist trickster, Jinx, has spent her entire life away from her family. Unable to be near them from a deal she’s struck. Living by the names and faces of others, being the one thing society fears. A Cursed, a magic user. Reaching the age of 20, she’s visited again by the creature from the woods in her dreams. One year to break the deal, solve the riddle, and return home.

Son of the Seven and heir to his family, Apollo Voclaine, lives at the peak of aristocracy. However, he lives with a secret that could potentially destroy him in the eyes of society. Magic hidden in his bones and a devil embedded in his soul, Apollo searches for the remedy to rid of his abilities. When he encounters the illusionist no one has set eyes on, he offers her a deal she’s unable to refuse.

Release Date: November 9th, 2023

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