About Lana J. Prince

With her books appealing to the Young Adult Fantasy community Lana J. Prince is an aspiring American–Argentinian author who grew up in Florida. She  loved everything artistic and horseback riding. Her pesky brain never let her rest, always needing to find a form to expel the imaginative stories she had to tell. She began by grabbing a piece of printer paper and a pen. Lana started to draw circles and shapes. 

Then she found something called a moving picture, a film. Lana’s obsession with these escalated quickly (and I still love them now – big marvel fan). As the snowball of inspiration rolled into a big ball taking over rational thoughts. Instead of paying attention in class, she would picture a great movie scene in her head. Until eventually she wanted to write it down. Make it come alive with words.

At school, she heard about a platform known as wattpad, where people could post and read stories. And Lana tried time and time again, but she realized the talent of writing was not in her blood. So she moved on from that dream, sticking to sketching in her books. 

Lana spent a lot of time traveling the world at a young age with her family, exposing herself to different cultures and types of people. Lana became fascinated with the contrast between countries. How every place lived so closed to each other yet had almost nothing in common. She  took the lessons she learned, transforming them into inspiration for her own entertainment. 

Fast forward to the year 2020, when the pandemic roamed, Lana found herself with plenty of time on her hands. One facetime call with a friend turned into a partnership. Her friend explained she wanted to write a book. Lana with her unconventional mind jumped at the opportunity.  Wanting to better her craft, Lana journeyed to Barnes & Nobles. She spiraled into the rabbit hole. 

Face glued to the pages, Lana drank every word, every novel, every book, she could get her hands on. Trying to teach herself how to properly write. Sadly the partnership had been put to a pause, though Lana hands itched to type. So she did what anyone else would have done… She opened a document on her computer and let her fingers work magic.

Four months later, Lana is in position of a novel she can’t wait to share with the rest of the community.

Lana J. Prince